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Which is better?

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I'm hearing a lot about Mac being better than Microsoft. Is this true? I don't play on-line games, but I do like webpages to load swiftly. I'm constantly irritated by Windows' tendency to second-guess my intentions and do its own thing, or it makes the computer mad. It doesn't do anything but sit there and sulk. So, yeah, I'd like something better. But is a Mac the way to go? and why?

Which is better?

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If you're generally using your computer for browsing the web. Macintosh versus Microsoft is pretty much moot for you.

In that type of situation you want to look at what web browser you are using.

Popular choices on Windows are:

1. Internet Explorer
2. Firefox,
3. Opera.
4. Netscape (though, it is kind of dying out these days).

Without going into overly much detail, the main hype about Macintosh is it's security over a Windows OS (lack of virus in general). Macs are great for graphics designing (so, I'm told).

Good luck.

Which is better?

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what you want to do is go to micosofts web site
download page you can get free downloads that will help you.

you most be a window user to get it free .smiley - ok

Which is better?

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Mac OS X is widely regarded as being much more stable than even the latest versions of Windows. The Mac OS has also been found to be easier to use and more efficient in numerous independent studies over the past 20-odd years.

Despite common thought, there are numerous operating systems out there. Most are either based on UNIX, Windows, or Linux (itself a derivative of UNIX). The issue of which is better is a very complicated one, at best. One needs to compare the major operating systems on each point, such as: ease of use, stability, security, et cetera.

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