A Conversation for 'Maid Marian And Her Merry Men' - The Children's TV Comedy

Ohh, the memories!!

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Great entry. smiley - ok

I loved this program, it was one of the few things we’d be allowed a TV dinner for, mainly because my Dad enjoyed it to. smiley - biggrin

We went to see the stage show when it was on in Bristol. Watch out for two headed monsters. smiley - winkeye

*wanders off whistling to herself….*

smiley - musicalnote Marion..smiley - musicalnote

Ohh, the memories!!

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Thanks smiley - smiley

Hopefully when I'm not stuck in France any longer I can write some more entries on TV shows they really should repeat constantly, rather than making up new ones (like Cavegirl... nobody's ever gonna get nostalgic about that).

smiley - panda

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Ohh, the memories!!

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