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A few minor things.

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Jimi X

You forgot my favourite meteor shower - The Persieds in August (warm summer nights and a high rate of meteors make this a great one to take family and friends out to see)

And I believe the Andromeda Galaxy is M-31 not M-30. Just a small point.

Otherwise, very good entry on naked eye observing.

However, a mention of double stars would have been a nice subsection - there's the naked eye pair of Alcor and Mizar in Ursa Major (the plough in the UK and the big dipper in the US). smiley - smiley

- X

A few minor things.

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Jim diGriz

Good article; just a couple of niggles.

While it's true that the energy released by nuclear fusion is defined by Einstein's equation E=mc**2, it's not particularly relevant in this case. I mean, *any* energy is defined by that equation. I think it'd have to be a matter/anti-matter reaction in order to claim particular relevance. (But this is a minor point - and an arguable one! smiley - smiley )

Also, you say that the planets "are brighter than most stars". Perhaps it'd be better to say that the planets *appear* brighter than most stars. As you know, planets are much dimmer; we just happen to be standing a little bit closer to them!

Anyway, small niggly points.

You mention the difference that artificial light makes to night-sky viewing. I was quite old before I saw the night sky from anywhere other than the middle of a city. MY GOD! I could not believe how many stars there were! It's easy to see how our ancestors came to make up fantastic myths about creation when you have it thrust at you so vividly.

jd smiley - smiley

A few minor things.

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Hey, I didn't know that! Double stars in Ursa Major? Which star/s?

BTW, in case anybody else is interested ... in India, Ursa Major is called the "Saptarshi" - Seven Sisters.

A few minor things.

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Thanks for this - yes the points you make are quite right. I was really trying to make things as understandable as possible to non-observers, and maybe try make esoteric equations such as E=mc^2 a bit relevant to people.

As for planets, I still sometimes can't get over how bright Jupiter and Venus in particular can sometimes appear in the night sky. Possibly my enthusiasm took over me!

Thanks again,


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