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Multiverse theory

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There is a theory that baically, every nanosecond of eveery minuet of every day, you are making some sort of decision, consciosly or not. Each time a decision is made( or a "random" event occurs), the universe splits itself to account for every possible variable of that decision. Each universe is innitially the same, except for whatever change is made by that deciscion. So anything that can possibly(or, to our minds, impossibly) happen, happens. We merely choose which universe to go into. So there is a universe where Hitler won the war, one where we all drive blue cars, and one where Monty Python wasn't funny, and one where the Guide was never written, ect.

Not sure what this is supposed to prove, just seemed a good idea to mention it.smiley - smiley

Multiverse theory

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Great so you've got the fact that life is a series of events or decisions.

unfortunately you forgot to include the small fact that inanimite objects are part of the process as well and therefore you do not have free will as such since the universe is entirely physical.
no object is random, we just don't understand the laws governing its behaviour.

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