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Steve K.

"Officially it is classed as 'humid-continental', humid being the operative word."

Hmmmph. Amateur at best ... comedian Dennis Miller was in Houston a while back for a celebration, he said he likes to stop here because he doesn't get enough humidity in his regular job as a tour guide in the Amazon rain forest. smiley - puffsmiley - wah

I do recall (vaguely) an interesting aspect of Missouri. Years ago, Playboy Magazine had its ranking of party colleges. There was a footnote, I think about Univ. of Missouri at Rolla, saying it was not listed becaused the ranking was for amateurs only. smiley - drunksmiley - empty

I also remember the St. Louis Zoo, quite a place when I was there decades ago, and I've heard recently that it still is. smiley - reindeersmiley - bigeyessmiley - panda


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The zoo is fabulous, and still free smiley - smiley. I had an entry on it about half-finished when the disk it was on got destroyed, so now I have to start again. Hopefully, one of these years, it will be part of a series of entries on St Louis.

I haven't ever been down to Rolla, but I've heard similar things about it. There certainly isn't anything else there to do smiley - winkeye


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Steve K.

The Houston zoo and the large city park around the zoo have been improved in recent years, but the zoo is still fairly modest by St. Louis standards. And they do charge admission, except one day a week, I think. I think the best zoo in Texas is in Brownsville, but its been a while since I've been down there (on the Mexican border).

BTW, if you know anybody in the Cardinals' organization, tell them to take it easy on the Astros, this could get embarrassing ...
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Actually, I was a little worried about this series. Houston was one of our tougher opponenets this year. Seems to be going well so far smiley - ok. I guess we'll see this afternoon...

The only other zoo I've been to is Toledo's, which was nice if a bit expensive (and not humid at all smiley - winkeye). I was a bit put out at having to pay admission (it never occurred to me that a zoo would be something you'd have to pay for, I guess I'm spoiled smiley - tongueout), especially after finding that concessions weren't any cheaper than at home.


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Steve K.

Okay, the Astros won at home. But there are sports writers who can really tell the story:


This is not meant as a gloat, the Astros apparently only have two good starting pitchers (after ex-Yankee Andy Pettite's injury), and almost no bullpen. So the math says Cardinals vs Yanks in the Series. Seems fair, as the Cards won, what, a couple of hundred regular season games?

But that NYT writer is pretty good, probably echoing Yankees fan Paul Simon, who, at a recent Houston concert, asked the audience if they could have Roger Clemens back. He was not joking.

P.S. The Astros have had a pitcher like Clemens once before, his name is Mike Scott. I think I told that story here before ...

P.P.S. Regarding zoos, my wife is a very serious birdwatcher, and the Texas Gulf Coast is a magnet for birdwatchers worldwide. If you want to see birds in their natural habitat, come to Houston, then drive down to the Gulf Coast, specifically High Island (near Galveston). Truly awesome.

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