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Jimmy Dean?

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Jimi X

It's interesting that you say 'otherwise known as Jimmy Dean' because I've only ever heard him called 'James Dean'. There's even a song about him by The Eagles that refers to him as 'James Dean'.

Jimmy Dean is a brand of sausage as far as I know...

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Jimmy Dean?

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I wouldn't know, of course; but most James are called Jim or Jimmy by those who know them. There is the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) rule that no two members can have identical names - and they have to chooose just one. Perhaps that is why he was know professionally as James Dean, even if friends new him as Jimmy (Mmmmm, Jimmy Dean sausage! Uhhhhhh). smiley - drool

This rule cause David Jones to change his name to David Bowie, and the reason that of the two Vanessa Williams', one had to select a middle initial. smiley - doh

Strange things happen in the arts!

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Jimmy Dean?

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Irving Washington

I've heard him called both.

Jimmy Dean?

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

I agree IrvWash

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