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A nice analysis, must say I preferred Marvel as a kid - I don't like the invinciblity of Superman, I like the more human Spiderman but as you say both are good.

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yes very true but heroes become super and super heroes more super by their courage of conviction strength of character and a zeal to accomplish their mission

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Your describing heros, end of matter, Super is a matter of unreal powers, unreal healing. Just seen pictures of a girl in a 45 second car fire, hands useless stubs, face a blob, one eyelid burnt off, and eyedrops have to be administered to her eye to keep it moist, through circumstance she's a super hero of a real sort that wishes she wasn't, wishes she were still able to wear a bikini and not be a freak.

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Marvel Vs DC
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Posted 17 Hours Ago by sherker
Vote for who you think is Best!
Either as Individuals, as a Group, or as a Company?

Captain America v Batman
Hulk v Superman
Spider-Man v The Flash
Wolverine v Lobo
Blade v Nightwing
Silver Surfer v Green Lantern
Daredevil v Robin
Punisher v Comedian
Elektra v Cat-Woman
Ghost Rider v Riddler
Storm v Wonder-Woman
Vision v Martian Manhunter
Namor v Aqua-Man
Gambit v Joker
Dr Doom v Cyborg Superman
She-Hulk v Supergirl
Thor v Shazam
Angel v Hawkman
Human Torch v Firestorm
Iron Man v Steel
Mr Fantstic v Plastic Man
Deadpool v Deathstroke
Dr Strange v Dr Fate
Scarlet Witch v Zatanna
Black Widow v Black Canary
Sabretooth v Man-Bat
Ice-Man v Mr Freeze
Kingpin v Lex Luthor
Captain Marv-ell v Captain Comet
Hawkeye v Green Arrow
Beast v Beast Boy
Night-Crawler v Nite-Owl
Colossus v Citizen Steel
Luke Cage v Cyborg
Thanos v Darkseid
Galactus v Dr Manhattan
Dr Octopus v Penguin
Green Goblin v Scarecrow
Cyclops v Superboy
Quicksilver v Kid Flash
Invisible Girl v Hawkgirl
Abomination v Doomsday
Phoenix v Raven
Ant-Man v Atom
The Thing v Solomon Grundy
Man-Thing v Swamp-Thing
Rogue v Power-Girl
Ms Marvel v Mary Marvel

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