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Dahmongah Park, Mount Mee, Queensland, Australia

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Mount Mee, in this case, is not an instruction. In fact it's a place, high up1 in the D'Aguilar range, from where one can see from Fuzzy Knob to Montanus, and right up the passage to Buckley's Hole2. This is where Dahmongah Park, a Caboolture Shire Council rest-area facility, is situated.

What's In It For Me?

Dahmongah Park, also known as Mt Mee Lookout, provides a spot for weary travellers to take a rest and enjoy panoramic views over Moreton Bay and the famous Glass House Mountains. In basic terms, it comprises a small bare car park with a bit of grass, a couple of structures and a view, total area 2,453 square metres. The view is very nice though.

Of the structures, there are two rotundas of unequal magnitude, the larger of which is a sort of do-it-yourself information centre. As well as a pair of wall-mounted poster-boards providing some of the history of Mt. Mee/Dahmongah and a map, there is a pair of tableaux showing photographically the panorama on offer with annotations to highlight points of significant geographical interest. These range from the Blackall Range in the north, through the whole splendid gamut of the Glasshouse Mountains to Moreton Island in the south.

The other rotunda houses a picnic table and seating.

There are also a couple of other benches situated to take good advantage of the vista.


The name Dahmongah comes from the Aboriginal word for 'flying squirrel' or 'glider'. European settlers renamed the area Mt Mee, taking the Aboriginal 'mie' meaning a view or lookout.

According to Caboolture Shire Council's list of significant parks, Mt Mee Lookout (Dahmongah Park) is facility number F1163.

Getting There

Proceeding along the Mount Mee Road, Dahmongah Park lies on the east side. It has an approximately 106m long street frontage, so concentrate or you'll miss it. The park has one entrance in and out, which is sign-posted with one of those brown tourist signs.


There are 11 car-parking spaces, with the two closest to the rotunda dedicated for usage by the disabled. For the coach-driver or caravan-towing motorist, there is also a pair of extra-long spaces.

What Not To Do

It's all signposted, but anyway:

Apparently, penalties apply.


There are wineries selling from the cellar door roughly equidistant from Dahmongah Park along Mount Mee Road: at Delaneys Creek Winery to the north, and at Oceanview Estates to the south. Buy a bottle of wine3 from either, proceed to the lookout and enjoy the view.

1About 500m (1,640 feet).2A Conservation Park on the southern tip of Bribie Island, north of Brisbane.3h2g2 encourages responsible drinking.

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