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Religion...to me so far ,seems to be the start of most wars,religion and charity ,well ask the public ,for money for an african child ,and u will get ure money ,but,if someones sitting begging,thats a diffrent story,1 r they for real or do they have a lovely house with a lovely warm fire to go home to????We the public are getting lulled into some kinda false sence of values.Who deserves our coppers more ,the child in africa?or the begger on the front door of the store we,re about to go into???Me personaly i would check out his foot ware, to see ,if he realy lives on the streets,and if he does live in the streets then i would go an buy him/her a cuppa tea from a local shop plus a sandwiche ,and the person collecting for charity ,i would check out their I.D. card to make sure the moneys going we,re its supposed to.plus the money can also be kept in the bank under some kinda fund which the government set up,then theres that much red tape you cant get near the funds???ever....

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