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Latin roots of Religion

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A slight correction to what you have stated: I have studied Latin, I have seen that the roots of the English word "Religion" actually comes from the Latin "Religio" which originally translated as your lot in life/the things which you are supposed to do. It only evolved into its current meaning after thousands of years of monotheistic religions warring (but not necessarilly in a militaristic way) against eachother; a broad period of time where the powers that be drew a distinction between such forces.

As another point, I would like to state that in no other part of the world is there a native word for "religion" until Christian influence in their areas forced the formation of a word. This is why, for example, one could be a follower of multiple religions in Japan, etc. Even today, most Japanese are Buddhist and Shinto.

Latin roots of Religion

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So would a colloquial translation of 'religio' have meant 'my duty?'

Difficult to correct people without sounding stroppy isn't it? I haven't got the knack myself yet smiley - biggrin

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