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" death as a poor kind of life on Earth

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Quite well summarised; though I am perplexed as to what you mean when you state that death is a poor kind of life on Earth ( Eschatology section ). Perhaps I have misunderstood your intent; but it seems that you are suggesting something that parallels the " telestial kingdom " of Mormonism where those who have died and not lived well will finally go, having failed to live up to the requirements essential for entry into either the terrestrial or celestial kingdoms. Please clarify.


" death as a poor kind of life on Earth

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Apologies for the delay in replying to this.

Sorry, RC, I don't know much about Mormonism, and it certainly wasn't my intention to imply that Jesus was talking about anything like the "telestial kingdom". Having just read the sentence in question I realise that I didn't explain it very well.

What I was trying to say was that some scholars argue that Jesus, when he was talking about "eternal life", wasn't referring to life after death, but was saying that people could experience the new kind of life that he was offering here and now. On the other hand, if people chose not to accept the new life he was offering they would then only be able to experience a poorer kind of life on earth - "death".

I hope that is a bit clearer, although I fear it is not!

Sorry, it's not a very good point and it wasn't made very well!

" death as a poor kind of life on Earth

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Hi Librarian Pear

Your explanation is clearer now. Sorry for jumping your case but the inference I drew from the phrase "...poor kind of life on Earth..." was a subtle masking of Mormon doctrine.

Please don't feel offended by my comments. The article was quite good!


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