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What about Lilith?

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

_The Book of Lilith_ by Barbara Koltuv, Ph.D., ISBN 0-89254-014-1

Koltuv is a practising Jungian analyst. She traces the myth/archetype from the Zohar through the Talmud and Kabbalistic writings and even includes illustrations from ancient works.

There is a strong case for saying that the story of Lilith as it appears in Hebrew material is another instance of patriarchal propaganda aimed at priestess cults -- part of the overall political hatchet job performed on "rival" religions, carried out for the good of the weanling Hebrew state. Lilith refuses to be subservient to Adam, who forthwith goes off and whines to God. Thereupon, God sends out two angels to Lilith and threatens to have her children executed, more each day, if she does not do what God and Adam feel is best for her. But she refuses, and thereafter, her name is worse than mud.

In astrology, Lilith is a symbol for a particularly noncompromising kind of independence (not necessarily just feminism), the sort which will cut its nose off to spite its face. At its worst, intransigent rebellion. At its best, the lone dissenter, the self-sufficient one.

Asteroid Lil(ith) (really!)

What about Lilith?

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Ioreth (on hiatus)

Thanks Lil.

What about Lilith?

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Those questions would seem to be pretty easy, Nod is east of eden, and there probably weren't people there. Cain might have already had a wife when he left or might have got one to come to him later. As to who she was it would have been a close relative, a sister or something close.

What about Lilith?

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Thanks Lil, that's almost exactly what I was going to say. I say, you ought to submit that as a book report in the Hall of Records. I might well add it when the computer behaves for long enough to create a new entry.

One more day til it goes in for repair!

What about Lilith?

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Researcher 163359

hi, sorry, i didn't find the The Freedom From
Faith Foundation url..

nice "stories" indeed..
but sometimes i think that they could be already misunderstood because of their very-very-very first translation...

i once read, about the genesis's "god created man, masculine and feminine", it was because "man" was to be considered as "human being".

then, i also read that the word of "woman" was written the same as "god" (but with a small part missing) and from this it came out that the "feminime" part of human being was actually kind of supernatural beings.. to explain personal angels, you know.

can some of you guys can suggest some -not too complicated- books?

What about Lilith?

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The book that provides a lot of the source information for this entry comes highly recommended. "Genesis of the Grail Kings" by Laurence Gardner, the middle book of a planned trilogy, if I remeber correctly.

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What about Lilith?

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