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Reason not to worry

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If you can fix it, there is no need to worry
If you can't fix it, worrying will do you no good

Reason not to worry

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But worry is such an... ingrained reaction I guess is what I want to say. I can't not worry. Even about things that I shouldn't worry about. Just the way that I am. There's no switch to just turn worry off!


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Reason not to worry

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We all worry, from time to time, for no particular reason at all. Now, there is a way to stop worrying, to switch it off, or just to worry a lot less. Try your research on the theme of Dr. Bach Flower Remedies. It will help You, my friend, since worrying does not solve anything, it just creates more worry.

Reason not to worry

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If you tried a key in a lock and it did not work you might try it once more then give up and try something else like checking it's the right bunch of keys (or even the right door!)

If you tried writing with a pen and found it had no ink you might shake it a bit and try again then throw it away and find another one.

The same applies to most thngs that we discover to be useless for the job in hand. We do not generally, just keep on and on using something that we know does not and will not obtain the desired result.

Since I have never experienced of heard of any situation that worry has solved (or even slightly improved for that matter) it can be put in the bin with the empty pen while I go and try a different key.

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