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A Course In Miracles

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This seems to be (albeit tenuously) linked, as it's been described as a modern version of Gnosticism.

It looks pretty impressive to me, though I haven't invested the time it requires to read it and do the exercises (1 year).

Does anyone know it? Does anyone have any information and/or opinions on it? Is it worth trying? I really need to know.


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A Course In Miracles

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Maurice Deebank

What is the cost of this new route to enlightenment one wonders?


A Course In Miracles

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Researcher 55674

Looks like 169.95 at Amazon.com. That's for the audio version I guess.

I haven't heard of it before, but the review at Amazon describes it as a unique blend of Christianity, Eastern thought, and psychology. If that helps smiley - winkeye.

A Course In Miracles

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It's a book. Its price is $23.95 at Barnes & Noble, £21 at Amazon.co.uk., (1296 pp, hb)

But it also costs a full years' (maybe more) hard work and concentration

It's been going a long time (1962). It was dictated to an atheist psychologist through an inner voice claiming to be Jesus (the Jesus of Thomas, not of the Bible, describing himself as brother, not Lord), over a period of 7 years, (1955-1962).

It's difficult. It consists of a book of teachings, a book of exercises, (they resemble mindfulness meditations) - 1 per day for a year, and a book for teachers (all can be you). The 'miracles' aren't conjuring tricks, they are perceptions and expressions of love.

It looks very 'straight' and impressive, but I've not heard a critical evaluation of it yet.

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A Course In Miracles

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Sorry - it came out in 1975.

A Course In Miracles

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Researcher 55674

Might be interesting to read.

I don't think I'd personally take it too seriously, but I'm rather biased in that regard.

A Course In Miracles

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There's lots about it (to help you decide) on the internet. Just put the title into your favourite general search engine. The 'Inner Peace' people seem to be the kosher outfit, who publish the book and are non profit-making. There's another outfit that already call themselves Revd This or That, which I should imagine should be avoided. Even on the net they don't sound too good to me.

I've only read a few pages from an old copy I bought and forgot, but it really looks as if it could bring some inner peace, if read at the right time in your life for you. The basis seems to be learn to look at the world with love not fear. But it's not an easy read by any means.

It's in Christian language, but no belief at all is required, and no contraventions of your own beliefs are needed, even though what it says may challenge them. It might be harder for orthodox Christians, I don't know.

But I can find no outside comment on this book, which is why I started this thread. I always like to survey the territory before plunging in.

Sorry to go on!


A Course In Miracles

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I have found the Course in Miracles really powerful. I did have a lot of trouble with the language. I finally forgot the text and went to the daily lessons. They are extremely powerful. I realized that they change my understanding of who I really am. They are powerful in making one realize that she is not her ego, body or personality. Instead she is One with a much Higher Power! Awesome!!! Enlightcin

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