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Researcher 119146

Are there an Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy games?

HGTTG Computer games

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Um - there aren't any recent ones - but a company called Infocom released a text-based Hitchhiker adventure some time ago. The bad news is it's almost impossible to get hold of in its original form. The good news is that there's a Java version you can play in a web page. Take a look in the 'Writing interactive fiction' forum; I've posted the URL in there, and Bluebottle has posted a link to a page giving some information about a possible new Hitchhiker 3D game.


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The Highlander

So, is it really not possible to find this game any more?
That's a shame. I really loved this game.
I used to have it a long time ago in a 5'25'' disk(!!!), but unfortunately it was destroyed. Since I found out the bitter truth, I've been looking for it, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Recently I discovered that it may still exist in an emulator for an Amstrad CPC. I think the site was something like no$cpc.com (or so they tell me),but unfortunately it was giving me some errors (URL not found).

If by any chance you still have this game, please contact me at [email protected] . I am extremely interested. Thanks.

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Well, there's another URL you might be interested in...


This page has a list of how to get hold of all those rare Infocom games, including a specific section on Hitchhiker; apparently, some on-line stores sell several old Infocom compilation packs by download, and the 'Sci-Fi' one (which includes Hitchhiker) can be bought and downloaded for around 6 dollars.

It's possible that Douglas Adams / TDV might be releasing a shareware version of the game: take a look at the following URL and read the comments underneath the interpreter window:


Hope that helps,

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I have the mentioned adventure, made for Amiga, on a 3.5" DD-diskette.

A cheap A500 would not cost you much and I suppose it could be worth it to try using the game code with some of the newer interpreters.


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Here's a site that still has a download available of the original HHGG infocom text adventure: www.bewareoftheleopard.org.uk/download.htm



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I can now offer to mail one copy of the mentioned HGTG IF adventure. It is runnable on any infocom interpreter e.g WinFrotz.

Just give me a howl and I mail the file...

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Chunky C

You can actually play the game on www.douglasadams.com.

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