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Spoofs and parodies

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Anyone remember who made the spoof parodies the Boggit and Bored Of The Rings (they also wrote a spoof of adventure smiley - winkeye). Very funny, especially if you knew something of the originals.

Spoofs and parodies

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Bored of the Rings was Harvard Lampoon. If you look hard enough, you should still be able to find it. I purchased a copy a few years ago.

Spoofs and parodies

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I've probably still got a copy of the cassete tape with the program on it somewhere smiley - winkeye

Spoofs and parodies

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how about the games SMASHED and Torremolinos?

smashed was a MASH spoof where you interacted with all the staff on the camp to escape the war, the other you had to get everyone in your family and go on holiday. i think Melbourne house wrote the 2nd one, smashed came via Mastertronic (now codemasters)

Spoofs and parodies

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Bored of the Rings, The Soddit, and the Selamillion are, in my opinion the best Lord of the Rings parodies, and the second two are written by A.R.R.R.Roberts (the famous stuttering author). smiley - elf
They include Welsh Dwarves (or Dwarfs), A dragon obsessed by the origins of words,and gay elves at the last homo house.smiley - biggrin

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