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Lone Wolf

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Ocean Soul (registered Linux user 390755)

I've got to mention Joe Dever's really amazingly cool Lone Wolf adventures here. As far as I know, there isn't an electronic version available of any of them, but hey, they're still cool. There's over 20 now, and the best part is, they form an ongoing campaign. They're set in the fantasy kingdom of Magnamund, and feature an organisation known as the Kai, who are in a constant battle with the Darklords. Every year, the Kai hold a great feast, where every member of the organisation is present. One year, the Darklords organise a huge attack on the Kai fortress at this feast, and all of the warriors are killed, apart from one. He takes the name of Lone Wolf, and swears to get revenge for what has happened, and reinstate the Kai warriors. The books are great fun, but can be REAL tricky. Anyway, gotta go, there's a CS 45 scaly thing who wants a word with me......

Lone Wolf

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Acid Override - The Forum A1146917

I agree these books are good fun, I played loads of em a few years back...but you just cant play them in campaign form. Once you do 2 or 3 books you are all but invincible and there is little challenge. Don't you think playing each book individually is more fun?

Lone Wolf

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Researcher 239559

I'm 30 years old and I still enjoy playing Lone Wolf. I used to play Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy growing up. During the years I lost them but slowly but surely my collection is being restored. So far I've got Lone Wolf books 1-7 and I got about 18 FF books. I guess for me, playing these books takes me back to "the good ol' days".

Lone Wolf

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how to i get in to your game i like to play the game on the computer

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