A Conversation for Snowball Fights

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snow is usually found during winter is it? fAT CHANCE!

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i didn't mean to shout there. mix up with caps lock. sorry.


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Courtney Patron Saint of Social Embarassment

I am so very happy to see an article all about snowball fight. Anyone who has not had the fortunate experience of being in one is missing out on one of the best parts of winter smiley - winkeye


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I had the bestest snowball fight ever just before Christmas. 2am, blind drunk, wearing very high heels after our office party, pelting total strangers in the car park!


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you missed out a rule:-
no yellow snow allowed...
smiley - winkeye


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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Ahh, the benefits of living in Southern California:

Drive a large truck up into the mountains.

Shovel a huge load of snow into the bed.

Drive back down to the warmer elevations.

Engage in a refreshing snowball war in a warm environment without the need for gloves or extensive coverings. smiley - smiley


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Researcher 142264

Come to Edmonton Alberta, and you can have snowball fights every day from November to March.

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