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Secularsm of France and current trends

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I am Umar from Kerala,India
Everyone knows that France is a secular country
A Secular country have not obligation to give support a particular religion. I could see the right of a man that everybody can follow a relegion he likes. And no obligation to do so.

Here A secular country should give protection to its all citizens.
"Everybody can follow any religion" means he can do as his relegion say to do so. But it should no hurt others.

There is no hurt in wearing headcarves and relegious symbols in France
Then why the leaders have brought such a law????
According to a Muslim , He do his relegious duties as his obligation
most of them are not optional.

Islam said to Ladies to cover her buitiful body with cloths to save her from dirtiful life. Where the ladies disply her buity others, there is a possibility to mislead her pure life with family and society.

Muslim Ladies in France and all over the world dont want to hurt anyone
with wearing the relegious cloths . However, Islam says to its followers to follow their country's rules and regulations which are not opposite the Islamic Laws, and make good relationship to anybody.

If there is not independence for Muslims or any Others in France , what is meaning of Secularism.

Pleas reply your views impartially....
Umar India (Malabar)

Secularsm of France and current trends

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I can see your point, and I have to admit it seemed a very strange law to me when I first read about it. But I can also see why the French government have passed the law. In their view, education must take place in a religiously neutral environment, and the best way of ensuring that is eliminating obvious symbols of religious belief. Please, note I'm not saying I agree, just that that is their angle on the situation. To the majority of French people, and even to many Muslims in France, this seems a perfectly reasonable law. It's also important to realise that the law affects all religious symbols, not just Islamic ones. The entry concentrates on that aspect because it has caused the most controversy.

Incidentally, my understanding was that Islamic law did not specify correct clothing for a woman, only that she must dress modestly. In which case, the French government are not preventing her from fulfilling her religious obligations.

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Secularsm of France and current trends

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