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Very good article. I live in France & have watched all this lot going on.

Interesting that you mention the bandana, many young guys wear it,particulary Muslims, but i haven't seen any of the girls doing this round here.

So, we may get Islamic & Jewish holidays too; whoopee! By the time you add up all the holidays, plus strikes, weekends, Wednesday afternoons & two months off in summer, it's amazing anything gets done...but it does!

The "let's go storm the bastille" spirit lives on, i was handed a flyer titled "non a la repression, non a la regression, nous sommes le peuple resistons!", inviting all to meet up at the hotel de ville every monday; i wonder how many will turn up?

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hi terri i do not live in europe but in russia orthodox church is returning

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mad boffin: Part time House Ogre & Homework Enforcer.AKA George the ubiquitous prophet of Thing

An excellent article, very informative. My personal opinion is that a law like this is long overdue, but taking the global mood into account are the French being very smiley - brave in their pusuit of iconoclasm.

Any restriction on religous displays in dress or ornaments will no doubt create a backlash of fundamentalist outrage from every group. In my opinion, as a Humanist, a law like this is exactly what we need to begin removing the very symbols that highlight the differences in religious interpretation and practice, the more we see we have in common the less likely we are to rush to arms.

That is a very rosy hope, however, since religion is that subject that in many cases not only defies logic but completely ignores logic and common sense.

I could probably go on and on but will make less and less sense in doing so. I'm stopping now!

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