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I was just reading the other day about the marital history of Louis XII of France and was struck by the similarity of his situation to that of
Henry VIII of England. Couldn't help feeling that despite the generation of difference in time that there may have been a 'spider' in common between the two, weaving a web.

This may have some relevance to the failure of the 1491 attempt under a co-commission by Henry VII of England and Louis XII to mount a voyage of discovery across the Atlantic which might have anticipated the voyage of Columbus. The whole situation is reminiscent of the early space age anticipation of the planned American orbital launch by the Russian Sputnik.

The marital disasters affecting the Tudors (cf. the Tudorian associations of Louis XII) taken against the marital successes of the Hapsburgs profoundly altered the course of the early colonial era, which as a matter of fact began with initiatives of the House of Lancaster, (cf. the Lancastrian associations of Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal) delaying the colonial breakout of England over a hundred years.

I've been fiddling with an outline on this under the working diagramatics: "The Five Hundred Years War: Prince Henry the Navigator to the advent of the space age; Christopher Columbus to end of the Cold War."

The issues of the world wars of the twentieth century really originated in policy mistakes of the Hapsburgs of the age of Charles V of the Holy
Roman Empire, Charles I of Spain... . The Holy Roman Empire was still a viable Empire in his day and came closer to conquering the entire world than any institution that ever tried.

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The Spider's Web

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