A Conversation for Margaret Thatcher - British Prime Minister 1979 - 1990

Maggie Thatcher Moments - A Euphemism

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Sheriff Fatman

Sorry Dave, but I've got to tell the world this.

I have a friend who told me of an experience he had in his teen years. He was kneeling infront of the TV, trousers and pants around ankles, whacking off to the image of some woman (I think it was a news reader. Dave?). At the point of no return Maggie Thatchers image came onto the screen, at the same time Dave did smiley - winkeye

Now we refer to all such instances as Maggie Thatcher Moments.

Maggie Thatcher Moments - A Euphemism

Post 2


Well - I am the person described in the previous message - and I'd like to confirm that it was a 'considerably' younger Anna Ford, that I was rocking my c**k to.

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Maggie Thatcher Moments - A Euphemism

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