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Hoon Hay scandel

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

When at Hoon Hay 88 try and involve a staff member in a conversation about the great Hoon Hay Workingmen's Club poker machine scandel. This sad episode ended with the manager committing suicide.

A tale of corruption and despair to accompany your Bluff oysters - the best oysters in the world.

Hoon Hay scandel

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TimJ (ACE)

I shall try this on monday, thanks! smiley - smiley

I also havent yet tried the oysters, so I shall do that too...

Hoon Hay scandel

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I worked at that place just before the scandal!
during technically, it just hadn't been exposed at that stage.
Ah, and what a tale it was, skimmed profits, sordid extra marital affairs, hush alchohol (no money involved, just a blind eye to missing bottles of top shelf, in exchange for the three wise monkeys routine)holidays and a fancy womans flat paid for by the hard earned and stupidly gambled coinage of the local working stalwarts.
The suicide was a real shame cause he was a nice guy if you ignore the dishonesty, and there was a lot of theft he didn't do that got pinned on him.

ah yes, the scandal makes for tight lipped staff, but for a real giggle tho... While i was working on the premises (for the folks who leased the restaurant in them days, well before the 88) I got to talking to the dude who drove the beer tanker truck, he would come by every couple of weeks and fill up the HUGE tanks of beer they keep there.
On this particular visit he was a bit worried someone would yell at him, why? well it seems he had made a mistake when hooking the beer lines up, so all the canterbury druaght drinkers had been swilling back DB draught and vice versa for a fortnight.... and not one of them noticed!!!
bearing in mind these are hardened 'I wouldnt drink that crap, it tastes like horse piss' single brand diehards, you'd have thought one of them had noticed.
none had, i checked.
after laughing like a hyena i went and asked the bar managers if anyone had complained about the taste of the beers , but no.

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