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The North Side

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A visit to Youngstown's historic North Side can be very enjoyable! Provided the following travel tips are followed.

.Music In Wick Park, Wedensday evenings,Summer should not be missed by anyone visiting the planet.

.the various small shops,restaraunts,libraries,stores all of uncommon quality,make this sector a a froody... but little-heard-of...stopover.

.For fans of streets named for bad generals,WW2 battleships,and millionaires mistresses, the 'Northsida Yunkstown' is a MUST!

.Names can be misleading-the Arms Museum is not where you go if you like old cannons,none of Youngstowns many Federal buildings are on Federal street.

.Avoid walking alone at night unless you are a 12 ft Algolian suntiger,proficient in Cranky Gorilla Kung-Fu. smiley - run

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The North Side

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