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Small mistake...

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Madame Sprots

Good evening.

I would like to inform you that you have made a small mistake in your entry...but not in the body of it, in your footnote.

You see, you wrote that Mr. Spock has no emotions. This is not true. To quote Sarek, "...Nor, what is this, down here, nor is it 'supression'. 'Control' is wrong as well. Mastery, it is mastery." They do not *lack* emotions, they master them and do not allow anyone to see them...most of the time.

Being the devoted Trekkie (since Trekker has no meaning anymore smiley - smiley), I thought I would let you know.

-Madame Sprots

Small mistake...

Post 2

Mike Hall

I know that.. but I didn't write that part. The editors did! smiley - smiley

Small mistake...

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Omega Jones

Of course, even if Vulcans had no emotions (and let's not forget that ceremony thing in the first film), Spock still has his human half.

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