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A Couple of things

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* The dog in the picture is my Tibetan Terrier puppy (Toby)

* I use one of these (mine is a small coke can with some popping corn in it). Tibetan teerriers are excessively stubborn creatures and this little device has trained Toby to be (almost) the perfect dog.

When using the can, as mentioned you must do it at the very instant the transgression has occurred but try not to let the dog see you do it. If the behaviour is persistent, throw the can near your dog (not at him) and this will ensure that it is 99% effective.

We used it for the following:

* To stop the dog chewing the carpets and skirting boards

* To stop him picking up food in the park

* To stop him barking unnecessarily at night - this is where the can comes into its own. Toby is exceptionally territorial and would bark at night if he heard the slightest noise. The can helped us define acceptable boundaries for his excellent watchdog skills.

It's a simple device and extremely effective - if only trangressions on h2g2 could be dealt with as effortlessly smiley - winkeye

A Couple of things

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i had an albino lhasa apso mishoo he was also very stubborn next time i get a pet i "ll use this coke container with popcorn

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