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Grafitti - Urban Masterpiece or Public Nuisance?

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Since the age of Man, Art has existed in order to either communicate or express certain messages or feelings. As the old saying goes " Actions speak louder than words", and literally Art is the depiction of this. It can exist in various forms and in certain degrees of clarity or extremity, from the earliest cave paintings to the modern company trademark.

Grafitti is simply another form of Art. As with any other form of Art, it is up to your own personal opinion as to whether it is 'functional, aesthetic ( ie visually pleasing ) or meaningful. In my opinion, Grafitti is an urban form of Art which simply means; in my reckoning; Art which is immediately 'public' because it's immediately viewable on the streets where we live and work. The general conception, to the best of my knowledge, is that Grafitti exists only in large Urban areas eg cities, where civil unrest or segregation presides.

Would the conception of this fairly new, innovative and expressive Artform be different if it were available within a 'designated' area eg probably within a Gallery or Museum?

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Grafitti - Urban Masterpiece or Public Nuisance?

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