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smiley - starListen to me, MLP fans! Don't ever go to the My Little Pony : End of the Dream website! It will only ruin your life! I've lost 4 months of my life from it...smiley - fullmoon


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As a moderator at EoD, all I can say in reply to this is....

Generally, members who follow the rules have no problems playing at EoD. And I know I can speak for the other mods when I say we have a good idea of who posted this thread, and we don't appreciate any more of your trouble-making. Thanks.


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smiley - star My family is a bunch of traitors. My mother is a traitor. My father is a traitor. My sister is a traitor. My mother said that I was 'born Bad Luck' & that I've spread the Bad Luck to our family & relatives. My father said that the whole world wants me DEAD. They all betrayed me. They all deserted me. They were never on my side. My family treats me like garbage yet they still depended on me to get work done. My parents are MONSTERS. I joined the "My Little Pony : End Of The Dream" (on February 14, 2006) so I could tune myself out of the cruel, stagnant & decaying existence I'm living in & so I could live through a childhood dream. A dream of living in a world where my existence is acknowledged & recieved. So I could belong. Yet what do I get? 4 months of non-acceptance because the Moderaters (the 'Gods' of MLP:EOTD) think that my character's background story is "too complex"! Too complex? "StarCrosser woke up near Whispering Woods with no memory of his past," was all I wrote. How can that be too complex?! Then, I changed it to "StarCrosser was abandoned at the Whispering Woods as a colt & grew up living in the forest as a hermit." Still it wasn't accepted. The Mods told me to wait. I did... for 2 months! & what do I get from my patience? An E-mail saying that my account has been frozen & WILL STAY THAT WAY FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS!! Untill January 27, 2008. Why not just say, "StarCross, you have been kicked out of End Of The Dream." How could you people be so cruel... especially to veteran MLP fans. Know this, that through your actions you have thrown me into an even deeper & darker existence of stagnation & decay. Here's an idea to settle this once & for all; you Moderaters write about StarCrosser's 'brief history / background story', I give him high-jumping abilities (only) & I'll forget every bad experience I've gone through. Okay? It's your call. Either make 'End Of The Dream' a title of great story-telling... or turn it into a title for another chapter of my decomposing life.smiley - fullmoon

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