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Why do some gardens appear to be outstanding?

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Some seventy years ago, my father had a friend, this was in
the 1940's! A school teacher, very strict, who was an amazing
gardener, his ground seemed to produce flowers & produce to
an exceptional standard both in size & quantity. We put it down
to his also rearing hens, then any residents were not restricted
by planners.
Some years ago I happened to be introduced to mycorrhizals at a
trade gardening show, and have used the fungi ever since. Why
more gardens don't use it I fail to understand? However after
reading this above Hitchhiker's guide on the research done all
those years ago, one has to suspect that, those
'Gardeners in the know!'
Don't want everyone getting better gardens than their colleagues,
even if winning at exhibitions is not their quest in life. However
applied correctly this 'Fairy Dust' can be far, far cheaper to
apply than fertilizers, plus have longer term advantages.
But like ALL garden treatments,treat it with safety in mind. Not
all gardeners are sensitive to chemicals or new products (to them!)
But some will be,caution is the policy with 'new to you' products.
My goal is a decent garden gloves help - mycorrhizals work for me.

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Why do some gardens appear to be outstanding?

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