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abbi normal "Putting on the Ritz" with Dr Frankenstein

I had saved this page from when I could not post.
Back to say Outstanding job!smiley - bubbly


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Is nobody actually interested in fungus? I'm aghast! Fungus is the most amazing thing- not a plant, not an animal, it is it's own thing, unlike anything else on the planet. The largest single entity on earth is fungal (if you don't count that big multi-tree in America)Fungus can feed you, fungus can kill you, fungus can make you think you're flying (in a sleigh, in a red suit, with white trim and reindeer).Fungus can tell you the state of a places health.
Some fungus is also becoming very rare and difficult to find, so think before you cut and NEVER pick.And if you plan to eat, check check CHECK your facts.
At the moment Shaggy Ink Cap is commen and delicious. Giant Puffballs are amazing, but becoming difficult to find, so don't cut unless there's lots, and DON'T kick them.
Recipe for Shaggy Ink Cap soup;
Take 250g of the beast, (make sure they are young and firm. If the top wobbles it's over-ripe)Clean carefully and slice. Sautee-Sautay-Fry in a little butter until soft, add a little white wine and a dash of veg stock to make a pint-ish. Season with salt and black pepper (not to much salt or the slug'll get you).Drink with fresh breadsmiley - biggrin

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