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Skinny Rob

Most of the time, even when you're using your computer, the processor is idle. That idle processor time can be put to good use, such as in the "[email protected]" project and other "distributed computing efforts" such as can be found at www.distributed.net

There is a project being run by Oxford University and others which will let your very own humble PC model the future of our climate when it has nothing else to be doing. A sort of "[email protected]", if you like.

An introduction to whole scheme can be found at http://www.climate-dynamics.rl.ac.uk/~hansen/casino21.html

The FAQs can be found at http://www.climate-dynamics.rl.ac.uk/~hansen/casino21_faq.html

And finally, if you're interested, let them know by registering at http://www.climate-dynamics.rl.ac.uk/~hansen/register.html

Remember: a fully occupied computer is a happy computer. You want your computer to be happy. Your computer wants to be busy.

(This was also posted to "Everything > Ecology & Environment > Global Warming", as it seems relevant there as well. Sorry for the duplication)

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Help predict any climate change

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