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You should include the fact that there is some continuity between the series.

For example, there are always chocobos, there is always Shiva, Ifrite, Levithan, Odin, Bahamute, and for some reason there always is airships and someone named Cid (although who and what he is changes).

Also, the elements (Fire, water, ice, earch, air, lightning, holy, darkness) are the same for all games.

It is the PLOT which has no continuity between games. Which, I think, is a good thing. It means someone who has never played before can pick up any game and enjoy it just as much as someone who has played all of them.


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Well, of course, Cid always directly relates to the Airships or some sort of flying vehicle, and he is almost always the one who builds them. Might also mention the appearance of Biggs/Vicks and Wedge in several Final Fantasy games, and also in Chrono Trigger. I was very disappointed with this entry as it was way too short.


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Sanity FM

In the 3 Final Fantasy games i've played (5, 7 and 8), the main character was in each compared to "A puppet". I don't know if this was deliberate or mere coincidence, but i'm bored and i felt like typing something!


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Sanity FM

that glasses face was meant to be "8"


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There is continuity because the themes are often very similar. Characters are repeated; Cid is very often a servant of the evil regime who only realises his foolishness in science too late, Vicks and Wedge are usually stupid pawns of the rulers who cause suffering by their actions.


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Except in FF7, where Biggs and Wedge were clever non-pawns who despised the regime and caused suffering to others.

Well, maybe 'clever' is a bit too far, but...

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