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Coal to Newcastle

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Necro (Patron Daemon of Patron Saints)

If you just like a nice place to have a drink of good beer, then Fitzgerald's is a good pub. Drink beer from the Mordue Brewery while you're there. The one problem I have with 'the Floater' (that's the Tuxedo Princess) is that it has a revolving dance floor.

As to what to wear when out in Newcastle, see my post at the top of this article. Anything which almost (but not quite) covers your bum is about as conservative as you get...

As far as slang goes, if you want someone to hurry up with your drink, you say 'Howay, man! Give us me drink!' 'Howay' is Geordie for 'Come on' (as in 'Howay the Lads') or 'Hurry up' (as in the above example). That should just about do you.

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