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I Am Iron Man

I've written a guide to all the pubs I've been into in Cardiff, if you'd care to take a peek at it. It's at my homepage, and I can't be arsed to work out how to do a link to it on this page.

Having been a student in Cardiff since last September, I have come to know certain parts of the city reasonably well, but there are obviously numerous areass I've never even seen, let alone know about.

If you want to avoid students, then avoid the Union (obviously), and the Canal Boat, although the 'Boat is pulling more and more non-students towards itself now. Also, it's not a good idea to visit the clubs on nights such as Tuesday and Thursday, which are generally student nights, ie the drinks are cheaper and that kind of thing. Those clubs aren't my cup of tea anyway. If you're into dance and disco kind of tunes then go to Zeus, Evolution, Reds, Berlins etc. If, however, like me, you prefer metal/punk type stuff, then Metro's (officially The Metropolitan), Clwb Ifaw Bach (aka the Welsh Club, one of the floors) or CF1.

Pubwise, I'd recommend you read my pub guide. I personally prefer places like The Macintosh, which is a good old trad, style pub, which serves Guinness and the music is quet enough for you to be able to hold a sensible conversation.

Cardiff is apparently famous for its arcades, not of the amusement type, rather those covered walkways that are all over the place. There's also a covered market, which is very good, particularly the record shop. Many a bargain can be had there. Spillers, an independent record shop, is also recommended, the CD's there are much cheaper than in HMV and Virgin etc, and they tend to have a wider choice. Apparently, Spillers is where the Manic Street Preachers bought their records, and it claims to be the oldest music store in the world. It was founded in 1898, although quite what they would have stocked then is beyond me. Thomas Edison with his smash hit Mary Had a Little Lamb was quite possibly the only thing they had in stock for a while.

Well, there you go, my little plug for my pub guide which turned into a not-so-little bit about all the thrills and spills in Cardiff. Oh, and Aneurin Bevan, founder of the NHS, might have been born there. He's got a statue, normally adorned with traffic cones, so this is just an assumption.

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Huw B

Despite being commemorated in Cardiff, Aneurin Bevan was born in Tredegar some 20 miles North of Cardiff.

(Sorry, not about pubs!)

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Huw B

Clwb Ifaw Bach is spelt Clwb IFOR Bach, in reference to Ifor ap Meurig who managed to kidnap the Earl of Gloucester's wife from Cardiff Castle in 1158 in order to convince him to return the land that the Earl had stolen from him.

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You can't mention the pubs without mentioning the Brewery! (I assume that Brains still brews in Cardiff, and hasn't suffered the same fate as the Felinfoel Brewery in Llanelli, which the last time I looked was little more than a bottling plant)

Brains SA is epic real ale if its looke after; we even manage to get a good pint in the Adam and Eve in Swansea.

smiley - smiley

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Researcher 103211

I'm going to Cardiff this Weekend - I have heard that the Welsh Club is good - what other clubs are good?

Where should I go when I am in Cardiff?

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Huw B

Not familiar with the clubs I'm afraid.

A high concentration of pubs are found either on or just off St Mary's Street/High Street which leads up to the Castle. At the lower end of this street there are a number of pubs including Sam's, The Walkabout, The Prince of Wales (Wetherspoon), The Square, Mulligan's and The Philharmonic. This area can be very busy but it might be a good place to start. I believe that both Sam's and The Square become clubs at 11:00 (I could be wrong).

Other well known pubs include The Old Arcade and Owain Glyndwr, both off to the right as you walk up the street towards the Castle.

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