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ACE isn't a four letter word

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Hey, no worries. At least I know I'm not the only confused one!


ACE isn't a four letter word

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macavity cat - asleep in the face of adversity

Just to stick my oar in.
My definition of socialism at the most basic level is that the people who produce things (tea, washing machines, etc.) decide how things are used.
At the moment multinational companies, banks, senior civil servants control the way we spread out the wealth, without being accountable.
When the majority of the population can say "we'll stop building warships and build cargo ships instead" or "we'll move the food surplus from Europe to Africa and forget the cost" then thats socialism.
Basically, however it's organised, people and their choices control the world, rather than the world controlling them and their choices.

If anyone wants to read a better description, get hold of a copy of "the communist manifesto", you could get the penguin books version for 60p a few years ago. Very short and easy to read.

ACE isn't a four letter word

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Okay, I can cope with that. I makes sense. I can see why it gets interpereted so diffrently though.

Socialism on an etch-a-sketch

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socialism: sharing - from each's ability to each one's needs.

capitalism: everyone for themselves. Screw the needy

Socialism acknowledges that we are a community of individuals who rely on one another, part of the network of existence.

Capitalism holds that each man is an island, and considers the felling of trees a contribution to the gross domestic product.

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Socialism on an etch-a-sketch

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Martin Harper

talking of GDP...

Socialism on an etch-a-sketch

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towel42- the antisocial socialist

Hmm, Zebrafish's description was about right.


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but it is hard not to espically when with socialism there is always one greedy b**tard


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Yowsers, this was a thread from the past. smiley - bigeyes

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