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I just stumbled across this entry, and was very pleased with what I saw. In my opinion, you've got most of the important stuff, without the entry becoming too long. smiley - ok

Two things I missed, though:

While you do mention that there are other sources than Plato, you completely neglect to mention how S. is portrayed elsewhere. There are vital differences between Plato's S., and the S. we meet in Aristophanes' comedy. Of course Plato's portrait is the one that has had the greatest impact on European thinking, but that doesn't necessarily make it the most accurate. smiley - huh

Second, I think his anti-democratic sympathies are worth mentioning, as they may have contributed to his trial and death.

And, of course an updage with some of the relevant links (eg. A471214, A617843, A447310) wouldn't be half bad, either.


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Good stuff

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