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Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, has San Fransisco as a sister city because of the similarities between the two; especiially the artistic social atmosphere, the hilly terrain, the shape of the harbour, and the fault line running right beside the CBD...
In fact, the two cities are so similar that Wellington city planners named one of the streets Lombard street too.
Admittedly it's in the flat part of the city and does no justice to Lombard St San Fransisco, but that similarity can be claimed by any one of the residential streets in the Karori hills, or behind Lyall bay.


For example, to walk from the city centre (on the right of that map) to my home in zetland street, I used to walk for half an hour; ten minutes /across/ to the corner of Raroa and Norway, and then twenty minutes /up/ to Zetland. My flat was three stories, on the city side of the road. There was no parking, and the front door was down a flight of stairs from the road to the top floor. The bottom floor was nine feet above the lawn on the city side of the house, and about 14 feet below ground level on the road side. Needless to say, the roads were a bit tricky to get used to...

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