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Irish for a day

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In urban Eastern Canada at least, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated as follows:

- People wear green stuff. At least somewhere on their body.
- No matter how cold it is 10oC, 0oC or -20oC, a parade shall be held with suitable Spring attire.
- Drinking shall start at the crack of noon. This usually means taking time off work.
- As a testament to the industriousness and widespread emigration of the Irish, everyone becomes Irish for a day, going back to their roots. A St. Pat's party may include the very Irish Mr. Tremblay, Mr. Singh, Mrs. Wong, The Burnstein brothers, Messrs. Abdoub and Gonzalez, all celebrating their heritage, heaving a few pints of stout (or green coloured cheap draught beer at the more youthful establishments), or suitable non-alcoholic beverage for those who do not drink alcohol.
- Going to watch a band playing Folk music, bodhran, fiddle, and all, is all the rage. Everyone knows the words to sing along, or can make them up in the equivalent Spanish, Mandarin, Punjabi, Arabic or French.

Always, a good time is had by all, and no-one gets hurt, except some with a headache the next morning.

Irish for a day

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Except for the noon drinking time (too bad, that), the US celebrates it the same way. Most large cities have a block party, with live bands (although rarely Irish, you have to find a good Irish pub in the neighborhood for that) and flowing Guiness, Harp's, etc. School children take the green attire thing a bit further; anyone not wearing at least some bit of green is subject to pinching by their properly clad peers.

Irish for a day

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I usually try to get away with saying I have green underwear - as I don't have many green shirts.

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