A Conversation for St Patrick's Day

My personal delight in the joyous holiday

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Ioreth (on hiatus)

Comes not from a personal celebration, but from the way my baseball coach always ends practice after about twenty minutes and mutters to himself "Screw this, time to get drunk." My aching muscles thank... whoever it is.

My personal delight in the joyous holiday

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Jimi X

LOL! That's a good one.

I've found that too many Americans over-do it with the green food colouring. When I was in grade 3 a friend brought in green cupcakes to celebrate his birthday and St. Patty's day. A few days later, the entire class was visited with green err feces in the lavatory.

Also, bars that colour their beer green for St. Patty's day show exactly how long their beer sits on tap. One drinking establishment in college got several kegs of the green stuff and they still had some a week later. smiley - sadface Of course, since they marked down the prices, we drank it all up! smiley - winkeye

- X

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My personal delight in the joyous holiday

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