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St. Patricks Day Parade Belfast

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Demon Drawer

There people of Belfast decided they wnated to have a St. Patrick's Day Parade to compete with the one in Dublin, and to copy the American's high-jacking of our patron Saint. Unfortunately the intent of unifying the city as Patrick is the Saint of both communities has failed to materialise, because dispite the best intentions and words of the organisors that it is not a political parade, most of the early impotous came from the nationalist community of West Belfast, who were already running thier own festival. The unfortunate outcome is that the unionist community feel threatened by the parade and the prominance of the Green, White and Gold of the Irish Republic's flag which are so prominent in the floats and spectators. (The three colours were ironically chosen to represnet the two communities Green for Nationalist, Orange for Unionist and White for Peace)

The end result has been that when Unionists control the city council funding for the parade is axed when nationalists are in control it is funded. However it is a sizeable parade if only it could embrace everyone.

St. Patricks Day Parade Belfast

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Will the Unionists ever grow up? Paddy's Day is about having a laugh and drowning the shamrock with a few pints of the black stuff. There is absolutely no reason for them to feel threatened. It's a family day out, free from sectarianism, bigotry and triumphalism. It's not at all like an orange march, thank God.

St. Patricks Day Parade Belfast

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Demon Drawer

I agree and will be drowning mine quite happily. People forget he is a Saint of Ireland from pre-reforamtion times so therefore has no significance to one side or the other. The above is however sad it may be fact.

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