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That was the week

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When I was 21, 1995, I went to the pub (as you do). My birthday falls upon the same day the day Julius Caesar died (only about 2000 years later) which just happens to be two days before St. Paddy's day. I believe he was also born a Roman citizen, so it all ties spookily together.
Anyway, I drank all day on the fifteenth, lay down all day on the sixteenth and then got up for the seventeenth. The bar was packed, the Guiness did flow and Tom (this was in the heady days of the Anti-Heigthism League) had a pet barman who brought us rounds on a tray. I believe we finished the night watching a Yard of Guiness competition and drinking the very fine Black Bush. Then, on Saturday the 18th of March 195, I played Hamlet's father, the gravedigger, Rosencrantz (or was it Guildenstern) and that bloke at the end, you know, he was Richard Attenburgh in the Kenny Branagh, four hour, version, in the fifteen minute version of Hamlet, on the steps of the Royal Concert hall, in Glasgow, in the snow, in a fake beard and a sheet.

It is thus that I remember St. Paddy's day and it's environs with great joy. Hey, it's a Friday this year, woo hoo!

That was the week

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Wand'rin star

The Ides of March is the very best day of the year to have a birthday (it's mine too) for that very reason- it segues beautifully into St P's smiley - smiley

That was the week

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Beware the Ides of March ... for it leads on to a cracking hangover if you are not careful. Of course, being older and wiser now I wouldn't think of drinking on a Wednesday, I'll just wait for the Friday.

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