A Conversation for St Patrick's Day

School Sport on St. Pats Day

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In Northern Ireland St. Patricks day is the tradional day for the finals of the schools cup in Rugby, Gaelic football and football. These finals are held at the corresponding appropriate venues and attract large crowds and television audiences. The Rugby is held a Ulster's Ravenhill ground, the Gaelic at Casement Park, and the football is held at one of the top grounds as well. Every schoolboy/girl wants to be able to go to one of these venues to cheer on their school.

i have the truth!

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Sionnach (down boy!)

come to my page to hear the truth!


warning: this might offend those who belive the myth!

i have the truth!

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Wand'rin star

Thanks for that.smiley - smiley

i have the truth!

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Sionnach (down boy!)


i have the truth!

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rolls on floor laughing

i have the truth!

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Demon Drawer

Right news of the 2000 finalists.

Rugby: Royal Belast Academical Institution (AKA Inst)
versus Ballymena Academy

i have the truth!

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Demon Drawer

Gaelic: St. Patrick's Armagh v St. Michael's Enniskillen

Results for 2000

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Demon Drawer

Gaelic Result

St. Patrick's, Aramgh 3-6


St. Michael's Enniskillen 1-9

Note: The first figure is number of Goals, scored in the net below the crossbar, worth 3 points. A point is a shot that goes between the uprights over the crossbar.

Results for 2000

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Demon Drawer


Inst 24 Ballymena 6


Corpus Christie 1 St. Chritophers 1 AET They'll share the trophy for the first time in history.

Oh and Crossmaglen retained the All Ireland Club Title for a thrid time beating Na Finnia score to follow once sober. smiley - bigeyes

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