A Conversation for Parallel Parking


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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

This is the one part of the driving test that kept one friend of mine from getting her license. The ridiculous part? She was going for her trucker's license! Why would anybody in their right mind even try to parallel park a semi with a trailor attached? Every truck driver we asked said that parallel parking never came up in real life, just on the test. The only thing we could figure that that section of the test was for was for revenue building. You see, if you fail the test enough times, you have to pay for another learner's permit...


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Researcher 1300304

long time between posts i know...but the reason for parallel parking being tested is it is a fairly good indicator of control of a vehicle.


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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

Oh, I can understand for a car, but she was driving an eighteen-wheeler!

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