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Miao Hongzhi

Dear Bell Jar:

Here's an update for you. The second line of the Beijing subway is already open, I think I actually rode on it on it's second day (was it March of this year??) Anyhow, I rode it again Wednesday, so rest assured, it is there. I still agree that it's not particularly useful, but on the other hand now you can get from Guo2 Mao4 on the eastern end of Chang2 An1 Wal4 Da4 Jie1/ Jian4Guo2Men2 Da4 Jie1 to either Tian1 An1 Men2 Dong1(East) or Xi1(West), for example.
And just to make things interesting, I hear that plans are underway to extendend a new line out to Peking University and the Hai3Dian3/ Zhong1Guan1Cun1 area. This will make us Bei3Da4 students very, very happy. smiley - smiley

Bye now,
Miao Hongzhi

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New Line Open

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