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Sounds interesting - I didn't know there was a subway??? in Beijing. But, then again, I never sought one out on any of my three trips to China. I was working and when I wanted to get out of the hotel I grabbed a taxi - that's kinka interestin' - gotta get the hotel Conceirge to write a note in Chinese to let the driver know where to go - good idea to tip him before leaving the desk even if it is verboten (they'll readily accept it if you present it in the correct way - out of sight and sneaky-like !!!).

Ever taken a train ride down into the country? Leave Beijing at midnight and arrive in Anyang 8 hours later - gotta listen to a lot of Chinese indoctrination announcements on the train when they wake you up at aroung 0530 !!! Ugh &%(^%!!!

Pretty interesting place though, China, all the interior type locals want to get close to you an touch you! Passin' on their Demons to you!!! Go ahead - just try to touch one of them and see just how fast they can skitter away from you, Funniern' Hell !!! Had a blast in the local markets and restaurants. Do you like the taste of donkey meat???

Yep, all in all, every trip was quite interestin' and each one was different from the one before it !!!

Hope ya have a GREAT Day !!!!!!!!!

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Long Train Rides

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