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The Pink Dandelion (Taraxacum non-officinale) - Keeper of the Shrubbery

Just a little point. Ben Elton may have written Popcorn, but to anyone born before about 1985 he's primarily the loud, left-wing, anti-thatcher political stand-up comedian, the Man from Auntie, and, of course, co-writer of The Young Ones alongside Rik Mayall and Lise Meyer. I haven't seen Popcorn, but though I've no doubt it's great, The Ben Elton has to be the political satirist/comedian I grew up with.

Sorry, didn't have time to read all the conversations, so I hope I'm not reiterating anything anyone else has said.

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The Man from Auntie

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He was also (I think) the host/compere of Friday/Saturday Live on Channel 4.

He seems to have grown up a bit now, which is a shame.

The Man from Auntie

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yes but before all of that, he did co write the young ones, but , it has to be said that in stand up he is one of the greatest I have ever seen! He was always primarily a writer.

The Man from Auntie

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My Other Identity (you can call me Moi)

Ben Elton replied to a letter I sent him in 1986.. Those were the days, when I'd stay in every Saturday without fail to watch Saturday Live! I was a teenager and totally thrilled to receive a badly spelled letter that he had written on his new word processor - he mentioned that he planned to write a funny stage play, which became "Gasping". I went to see it at the Haymarket theatre (I think) when it opened in London. Don't like the idea of this collaboration with Lloyd-Webber though............smiley - weird

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No. I agree and I was disappointed by this lloyd webber business, particularly because the stand up work also seems to have dried up. Is he a really a fartie like us after all?

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Allende, keeper of the luck virus.

I have been a fan ever since the friday night live days. Remember the frustration watching a mad woman tear paper into shapes (mad show??) and all you were really waiting for was Bens next piece! Those were the days, its disapointing about the lloyd webber business, that did surprise me. However Dead famous is his best book yet, especially recomended if, like me you are a bit cynical of this whole big brother thang! So come on Ben, get back on stage! its what he was always best at.

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Sure, Ben Elton was one of the best stand up comedians of the Mrs. Thatch era. Saw him live, & he was brilliant. And Blackadder wasn't much good till he joined the writing team, but what a shame he's turned into a smug "farty", to use his own word. Couls he still cut it doing stand-up? Personally I doubt it. Shame really.....

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