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....all this is fine and well in theory, but when it comes to practise it is a different thing all together. The most important thing, which was not mentioned in the article, is to turn up to the class. If you at least do that then you have a frame to hang the revision off. They say never revise all night before your exam, but if your exam is first thing in the morning, and you have nothing for the rest of the day, then revise away - it got me through my finals smiley - smiley
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Now realistically....

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Jacculus of Rome

I think revision is a very personal thing, y'know? Some methods of revision that are really good for some people just don't work at all for others. Not even a little bit.

But yeah, coming to the classes does help...

Now realistically....

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Wand'rin star

Only if the lecturer/teacher is a good presenter. If s/he is reading from notes or talking to the blackboard you can do better on your own.I am currently teaching in a uni dept where 80% attendance is compulsory. I feel very sorry for my students as I went to no lectures in my second year ,just tutorials. I acted, wrote a column for the union newspaper went to debates (I wasn't that keen on Jack Straw even then)poetry readings, dances,football and cricket matches and lots of interesting pubs and coffee bars.
(I agree these tactics aren't so easy for scientists) Unless you know that the extra work is going to get you a first,it may not be worth putting in the midnight-oil-burning

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During my final year I lived miles away from the campus, so in winter 09:00 lectures were right out. It ended up that I missed a fair amount, including a whole course. I only got the notes the day before the exam, so pulling an all nighter was about the only way smiley - smiley - It was a science course, and no matter what the lecturer is like it is definatly worth going, just to lay the ground work, give you an idea well before the exams smiley - smiley
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Now realistically....

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I also live miles from campus and sadly have two 9am lectures. I have to travel between 1 & 2 hours on public transport (as I still havent hit 18 and wont til about exam time), but this isn't as big a drag as it sounds.

If you're one of those lucky people who can read on the road then there is no better time to study (even though you may only want to sleep). It doesn't have to be revision, even if it's just the reading for the next lecture what is there to distract you?

Plus you can also get surprised looks from fellow travellers when, for example, they see you knuckling down in a nice thick book of C Programming, and this can do wonders for self esteem ;P

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