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Xedni Deknil

"Opera is an early form of the musical"?? Well that's one way of looking at it. Please set my fragile mind to rest and tell me you were being facetious! smiley - smiley

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Surely we should say that Musicals are a late form of Opera.

Durch Mitleid wissend - der reine Tor :-(

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If they ever publish "The Ladybird Book of Opera" I'd recommend this author most highly to write it.

Gawd, if opera "doesn't get more complicated" than the last act of The Marriage Of Figaro, then Gurnemanz and all the Grail-Knights preserve us from this savant's review of Der Ring Des Nibelungens smiley - smiley

Act II
So there's this, err, bloke, who is running away from the Bad Guy with his girlfriend (who is also his sister, and will turn-out to be pregnant in Scene 2), but his duel with him is fated to end in death, since the Chief God Wotan has made a pact with his wife Fricka that he will not intervene on behalf of the Volsungs. But this is all because he bargained his wife's sister for a chink of gold. He did that because when he tried to rob the Dwarves (errr, in the previous opera) of their gold, he'd made a bargain with a couple of cowboy builders about their being enough gold in it for them to build a wall they couldn't see through. Anyway, he has a daughter (in fact a lot of them) although not by his wife, but by the Earth Goddess (are you all still with us?) and she is Brunnhilde, who....

etc etc....

Y'know, funnily enough, I can't see Andrew Lloyd Webber making much of a hit out of this kind of stuff?

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