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i know almost nobody post on this website anymore but i wish some one to read this. my parents are the military type and they are as strict as hell and making it more diffficult to revert to achohole and drug abuse but i some how managed to get myself into it. i tryed cutting my self it helped it was better to feel physical pain rather than mental pain.smiley - wah everything i do in school is not enough. my emglish teacher is such a bitch somtimes i day dream in class and think about how nice it would be to drop kick her and tell her she doesnt boss me around (she a racis by the way). im failing her class so my parents treat me because its my fault. also the princible is a racis so not llike i can complain to her about my english teach and the consiller is in leg with them. she says anything i say to her will be completly between me and her but no i learned after the first few time not to trust that old son of a bitch.my english teacher purpoly looses my papers so i fail and every thing you can imajin to fail me from smiley - steamloosing papers to racis remarks. i swear to god im either going to kill her or me but i cant live with it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh I have to correct you hawksrulez! Hundreds of people post here everyday...I've read your postsmiley - sadfaceand I really hope for your sake that you can find some distraction, some refuge here!smiley - hug As one of the <./>aces</.> here I'll be leaving a message on your space/page and that should help you get nicely settled. So I hope you stick around and I really hope*fingers crossed*that you can find some comfort here, ok.*sigh*smiley - goodlucksmiley - goodlucksmiley - goodlucksmiley - goodluck with everything!

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Your situation sounds very like my secondary school experience. I learned very quickly, regardless of family, it's not the be all and end all. I was able to re-sit my english exams after school and I did much better.

Trust me. If I can come as far as I have, with the many barriers I've had to over come, anyone can.

Take care. smiley - ok

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