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shouldn't be the contributer, but since no one else will, all I have to say is....
WOW!!!! It got approved!!! WOW!!! I can't believe it!!! This is the coolest thing ever!!
I'm currently working on a guide entry about the Winchester Mystery House. Go to
my site to read what I've written so far.

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Where I come from we call the lovely concoction you just described "jungle juice." An even more dangerous and highly misleading vareity of the same general species is "punch." Generally, punch seems to be most popularly made with grain alcohol and Kool-Aid. At the bar I used to work at, we had a gallon jar full of maraschino cherries to which we added the dregs of every bottle in the bar, called "cherry bombs" and sold for $1 (you got one cherry and half a rocks glass full of booze). Sometimes tasted really good, sometimes it was what you bought for your friend's last drink when what you really wanted was for them to go puke so you could go home, without spending perfectly good money on a shot they were just going to go hurl anyway. Here's to cheap drinks to keep a party going long past when it probably should have ended anyway. CHEERS!!!

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The first one to talk about it....

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